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A platform for the sale of both fine Antique and contemporary violins displaying full sized and fractional options. Our ethics of business are simple, clean examples set up to a meticulously high standard to ensure the player can achieve maximum tone production. All our instruments have been meticulously set up by luthiers with a combined experience of over 60 years in a multitude of skills including making, set ups or repairs. Not all of our stock is on the website so if you are looking for anything in particular contact me at Email [email protected] or PHONE 0800 999 1205


We are Happy to announce a new collaboration with Howard Green bows.

Howard’s bows are not only some of the finest playing bows money can buy, they are also individual works of art made from the finest raw materials including the last of W.E HILLS & SON pernambuco. Many top orchestra players in the U.K and USA find Howard’s work the bow of choice.

Howard is a man of focus and precision and this is emulated though his Meticulous work.


We have a small but growing selection of English, German and French bows.

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Telephone: 0800 999 1205

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We are based on the outskirts of Mansfield, please call to arrange an appointment and directions.